Branding through People!

Vidoser for Brands involves people in making short videos for your communication campaign.

Short Videos become Communication

Choose your goal, create your brief and launch your video campaign.

Our community creates videos talking about your brand and sharing them on their social media.

Get the results and keep track of your campaign progress.

Thousands of people for Your Brand

Our services for your Goals




Video UGC

Vidoser Video UGC (User Generated Content) makes your brand to involve a big target community to create video content shared in users' social profiles.

Market Industry

Our community is for everyone!

We want to make our customers happy and satisfied, whatever the industry in which they use to operate!









Our Technology

The App for Short Videos

Vidoser App - available for iOS and Android - involves users in creating short video contents for your brand.

Users are hired and kept active every day by an advanced gamification system, with make them to have fun and earn coins to be exchanged for vouchers.

Meet AI V.E.R.A.

Our V.E.R.A. technology (Video Evaluation Rating Analysis) analyzes, identifies and assesses whether the elements required by the brand are present in the videos made by the community.

V.E.R.A. guarantees just quality content.


Our AI analyzes and guarantees the selection of users with realistic followers and engagement, reducing the risk of involving people with a high number of fake followers.

Vidoser Cam

The Vidoser App enhanced video camera allows our users to apply filters and effects in augmented reality and add custom Watermarks to spread your brand to their audience.




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